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short film, 3d model animations, ceramic sculptures, fake grass, moss.

Civilized Me is a visual experience that criticises how Western society is divided within the classification of “civilisation” and “nature”. The tools we use in this civilisation only contribute to our distance from nature. Anthropocentric tools have become extensions of our bodies, to the point that we would be helpless without them.


This civilization today in the Western part of the world is made possible through Anthropocentric design. These are all of the tools we as humans use to appear civilized. Tools that we have grown used to so much, that they became extensions of our bodies. These extensions made it impossible to survive with only our bodies. Something that “nature” is really good at.


On display is a surrealistic dinner. It criticizes how we, as a Western society, distance ourselves from nature, because of a classification that has happened since the beginning of the agricultural revolution, the one between” civilisation” and “nature”. 

This short film was part of the installation exhibited at Bank15 in Breda. A solo exhibition of two weeks in a place that served both as a cafe and a cultural centre. 

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