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textile, foam rubber, latex, soil, PUR foam, plants, trees, moss, forest remnants

Fleshy Bug explores human interference in Dutch forests by embodying the forest's speculative perspective. Often exploited for materials and recreation, the forest loses its natural essence due to these transformations caused by human touch.


Kanters’ research has explored touch as a communicative tool, employing an immersive, hands-on approach that integrates thinking through making. Fleshy Bug presents a visual dialogue in materiality through emphasizing latex's dual nature— derived from trees, yet reminiscent of bodily textures. The power dynamic embedded in exploitation for deriving materials gets flipped by creating a humanoid form out of a material extracted from trees.


Fleshy Bug gently reminds us of the intrinsic worth and autonomy of these tamed forests, prompting contemplation on our role in this human-centric realm.

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